MJ-10 75% Spitfire

The Jurca MJ-10 Spitfire is one of the finest plans built replicas on the market today. It all started by Marcel and his friend Ken Heit going to the Paris Air Museum and taking measurements from an original Spitfire.

The MJ-10 is a 75% scale Plans Built Spitfire replica Powered by a 300 HP Engine. The plans show details for duplicating several different variants of the Spitfire. All fuselage formers and wing ribs are shown full size on the plans and can be traced directly onto the material for easy cut-out.  Plans show how to build both the wooden version and tubular version. Please see below for ordering information.

Length: 23' 5"

Wingspan: 27' 8"

Wing Area: 136 ft2

Empty weight: 1,450 lbs.

Gross weight: 2,000 lb

Max Speed: 160 MPH

Rate Of Climb: 1,650 Ft/Min


Price: $750.00


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